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WEO Clinical Endoscopy Atlas

WEO Clinical Endoscopy Atlas

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About the WEO Clininal Endoscopy Atlas

The aim of the Clinical Endoscopy Atlas is to build up a database of endoscopic and radiological images for educational, scientific and consultation purposes.

The Atlas has been compiled from personal contributions from endoscopists throughout the web. Everyone interested to this initiative may submit images together with clinical information. The name of the sender will always be reported in the record.

The WEO Clinical Endoscopy Atlas is based on an original image database developed by Dr. Antonio Grassi and the Editorial Board of the Italian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (SIED). It has been modified for the WEO website by Dr Lars Aabakken.

Important: the commercial use of images is not allowed. Images can only be used by permission.

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